The Town of Gallatin provides town residents access to a comprehensive range of maps including town roads, topography, soil, slopes and wetlands.  Click on the links to open the maps.

If you have Google Earth or want to download it we will be sharing links to open Google Earth maps that offer access to the programs’ functionality.  At the bottom of the page is a Fire District Water Sources map.

This project was funded in part by a grant from the Hudson River Valley Greenway.

Please note:  The map files are large so you can zoom in on details – they may at times be slow to load based on the speed of your internet access.   If you choose to download Google Earth you do so at your own risk.



Roads: Gallatin Town Roads 

Topography:  Gallatin Topography

Ridge line Protection: Gallatin Ridgeline Protection Overlay District 

Slopes:  Gallatin Slopes over 15 Percent

Watersheds:  GallatinWatersheds

Bedrock Geology:  Gallatin Bedrock Geology

Surficial Geology:  Gallatin Surficial Geology

Water Features:  Gallatin Water Features

Watercourse Protection Overlay District: Gallatin Watercourse Protection Overlay District

Shallow Soils: Gallatin Shallow Soils

Soils Depth to Water Table:  Gallatin Depth to Water Table

Soils Flood & Pond Frequency:  Gallatin Flooding and Ponding Frequency

Soils Drainage:  Gallatin Soil Drainage Classes

Soils Septic Limitations:  Gallatin Ratings for Septic Absorption Fields

Property Class:  Gallatin Property Class 2018

Farmland:  Gallatin Farm Land

Protected Land:  Gallatin Protected Land

Historic Places: Gallatin Historic Places

Fire Districts:  Gallatin Fire Districts

Fire Water Sources: Gallatin Water Sources

School Districts:  Gallatin School Districts

Zoning Districts:  Gallatin Zoning Districts 

Sub Watersheds:  Gallatin Subwatershed basins

Residential Year Built:  Gallatin Year Built

Gallatin Conservation Overlay District: Gallatin Conservation Overlay District

Gallatin Conservation Area:  Gallatin Conservation Area Map

Gallatin Private Forest: Gallatin Private Forest and Forest Exempt

Gallatin Habitat Maps







Google Earth Files (Require the download of Google Earth.  When each file has downloaded, click to open.)

Fire District Water Sources

Gallatin 2015 Parcel Wetlands

Gallatin 2021 Parcel Access