Public Hearings

Town of Gallatin Notice of Public Hearing 6-13-19

Public Hearing Local Law 1-2018

Local Law 1-2018 A Local Law extending an exemption from real property taxes for real property owned by Veterans who rendered military service to the United States during the Cold War.

LL1 2018 Extending Cold War Vet Exempt

Public Hearing August 2017 -Local Law 3-2017 Increase in Veterans Exemption

Public Hearing March 2017 Local Law No. 2 2017 – Alternate ZBA Members

Public Hearing November 2015 Town Budget (2016)

Public Hearing November 2015 Town Budget (2016) Q&A

Public Hearing November 2015 Town Budget Columbia Country Demographics

Public Hearing September 2015 Floating Commercial District Costa Pocono Farm

Public Hearing April 2015 Amendment to Local Law No.1 West Pond Lily Road

Public Hearing December 2013 Property Maintenance Law

Public Hearing April 2013 Local Law 1 Floating Commercial District