Solstice/Town of Gallatin Community Power Partnership

Dear Gallatin Resident,

The Town Board is pleased to announce the launch of our community solar partnership with Solstice Community Power in Gallatin. Solstice’s community solar farms allow customers to receive solar credits each month – a deduction from their utility bill – and receive a 10% discount on that electricity through the NY State Community Distributed Generation Program. Subscribers to the solar farm remain customers of National Grid or Central Hudson, and will not have any changes to their electricity supply or delivery.

For each person who subscribes to the solar farm, Solstice will donate $100 to the town’s efforts to purchase solar-powered motion lights for the Gallatin Town Hall parking lot. This summer, they are also offering a $100 enrollment bonus to residents of Gallatin who sign up. As you may know, Gallatin has been pursuing a variety of methods to use renewable energy to save on its electricity bills and build a more resilient energy system for our community. Community solar is a key component of this effort, and the Town Board is excited to offer this opportunity for our entire community to participate.

Most households and small businesses are eligible to participate in this program. For more information and to see if you are eligible, you can visit or contact Solstice directly:

Solstice Power Technologies



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