Planning Board Public Hearing 11/22/21- 7:00PM


 Pursuant to Town Law 276, the Town of Gallatin Planning Board will hold a public hearing for 2-lot subdivision at the Gallatin Town Hall, 667 Route 7, Gallatin, New York, at 7:00 p.m. on November 22, 2021.

Philip Gellert has applied for a 2-lot subdivision of property at 70 Hull Road in the Town of Gallatin. Tax parcel 183.-1-16.3 exists as approximately 41.40 acres in RA-2 Zone. The applicant proposes to subdivide 5.0 acres with a dwelling from the parcel.

The public is invited to attend and all interested parties will be heard.

Respectfully submitted,

Terry Porter, Chair

Town of Gallatin Planning Board

PN-Philip Gellert 11.22.21 (1)


Gallatin map


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