Empire Passes for Residents

Dear Gallatin Residents,

The Town is always aware that our lack of a town center and  accompanying recreations fields and/ or public pool may make it more difficult for our residents and their children to participate in town based outdoor activities. Therefore, we are always looking to expand our resident’s recreation opportunities while keeping too our rather modest budget. One of the wonderful features of Gallatin is that it hosts the larger part of Taghkanic State Park which has hiking, camping, kayaking, lake access and more. So, instead of trying to duplicate those features,  we are instead offering our residents a free family car empire pass to access the Park (and any other NY state Park as a bonus!). We have small pool of passes.

If you are 62  or over you can drive your car in free from  Monday-Friday without a pass- just need your drivers license.
But, if you are under 62 or desire to visit the Park on weekends (and you promise to use your pass;)) please come to Town Hall, Monday, Friday or Saturday 9-12 to pick up a pass from Town Clerk, Lisa DeLeeuw ([email protected]).  Please spread the word to those neighbors who may not follow the website or check mail-
If you requested to have your pass from last year renewed check with [email protected] to confirm.  You use the same pass as last year.
Thank You and see you at the “beach.”
Gallatin Town Board

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