Community Forum to Discuss Solutions for a Livable Planet

Are you concerned about climate change?  Would you like to know what can be done about it?  Come to a community forum to learn how local farmers, sustainability experts, and climate action advocates are working to ensure a livable planet by reducing the carbon pollution causing climate change.
The forum will be held at the Hudson Opera House, Sunday January 29 from 2:45 – 5:00 pm. Anyone interested in solutions to climate change is encouraged to attend. The Columbia County Chapter of Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) is sponsoring this event so CCL, invited speakers, and all members of the community can share information and ideas about how to achieve the shared goal of a sustainable planet. A lively, informative discussion is expected.
Brief introductory remarks introducing the program and describing CCL will be followed by featured speaker, Dr. Gary Kleppel.  Dr. Kleppel will describe how sustainable farming reduces carbon pollution through sequestration while economically benefitting the farmer in his talk ‘Carbon Farming for a Cooler Planet’.   Dr. Kleppel is a SUNY Albany Biology Professor, owner/operator of Longfield Farm, and author of ‘The Emergent Agriculture. Farming, Sustainability and the Return of the Local Economy’.  A panel discussion about holistic farming, environmentally sustainable land management, and carbon farming advocacy will follow. Panelists include local dairy farmers Paul and Phyllis Van Amburgh (Dharma Lea Farm), environmental land management advisor Connor Stedman (AppleSeed Permaculture), and organic farming advocate Andrianna Natsoulas (NOFA-NY). 
The forum will include ample time for questions and answers.  Refreshments will be provided.

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