Omi International Arts Center: Anne Lindberg – Jan 16/March 13


An exhibition, "Fold and Unfold" by Anne Lindberg will be at the Omi International Arts Center between Jan 16- March 13. Fold and Unfold is part of Lindberg's new series, Building Drawings, which blurs the lines between drawing, sculpture, textiles and conceptual art on an architectural scale. Anne Lindberg's sculptures and drawings tap a non-verbal physiological landscape of body and space, … {Read more...}

Mirror Visions Ensemble: Roeliff Jansen Library – Jan 23


The Roeliff Jansen Library is again pleased to present the Mirror Visions Ensemble on Saturday, January 23 at 5 p.m. Deities, nymphs, and specters; whispering forests and enchanted waters; bounding beasts and creepy crawlies; hexes, charms and sweet sweet lullabies, watch your step in the Mirror Visions Ensemble's realm of Flights of Fantasy. Music, new and old, worldly and other: works from … {Read more...}