2018 Town Wide Revaluation and Data Collection Notice

2018 Town Wide Property Revaluation Notice

The Town of Gallatin is required by State Law to do periodic reviews of the parcel assessments in the Town. The last one in Gallatin was 2009. The next one will be for the tax year of 2018. Our Town Assessor  has kept the Town at a 100% assessment level in the interim. It is therefore unlikely that this new revaluation will result in dramatic differences in values or widespread changes. The County of Columbia will conducting the data collection for the 2018 revaluation. Starting in Mid-May and continuing through early September. You will likely get a knock on the door from a county data collector who will have with them an authorization letter and picture ID. They will take photos of the outside of each house and vacant parcel and will ask questions as to any missing data.  We ask for your cooperation so your data is accurate on the records.
If you have any questions please contact Rene’DeLeeuw, Gallatin Assessor, 518-398-1566 or [email protected].
Thank you.
The Town Board and Town Assessor. “


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